Company Bio

MPT Packaging Ltd was founded in 2008 by CEO Edward Murphy in collaboration with Minipacktorre Italy. Over the past 12 years MPT has looked to expand Minipacks products throughout the UK and Ireland. Edward's 40 years wtihin the packaging industry has seen him successfully procure several packaging companies throughout the UK and Ireland. Now also the official distributor for Minipacktorre throughout the UK and Ireland he is able pull his resources to provide expertly trained engineers and spare part replacements. This partnership allows us to maintain constant collaboration with our headquarters in Dalmine to provide machines as well as fully automated solutions to the end consumer. 

Our expertise makes allows us to specialise in supporting all Minipack machines through spare parts, service and sales. We pride ourselves on finding turnkey solutions for business throughout the UK and Ireland, our multiple companies allow us to provide fast and consistent service and our new machine maintenance portal allows you to track online the efficiency of your machine.